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Nikquisa Nunn is a personal trainer, professional bodybuilder, and author who sets people on fire with her committment to healthy living!  Her motivational style and personal experience with weight loss has proven effective to helping clients achieve superior results!



"In 2009, I was at my highest weight of 201 pounds. I felt sick all of the time. My doctor cautioned me that I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She wanted to put me on medicines, but I vowed to start my journey in a new lifestyle of fitness.  Eventually I hired an awesome personal trainer who taught me how to: eat healthy, balance my emotions, and exercise in a manner that keeps me on the path of good health.  With discipline and prayer I exceeded my expectations!  Now I have a more muscular physique and regularly maintain a fit lifestyle.


Following her own dramatic weight loss of ninety pounds, Nikquisa embarked on an impressive bodybuilding career.  She earned IFBB Physique Pro Card at the Master's National Bodybuilding Competition in Pittsburgh PA on July 18, 2019.   Prior to winning her IFBB Pro Card she placed highly in several figure competitions including

  • The 2019 ARNOLD AMATEUR (2nd place)

  • The 2018 NPC Phil Heath Classic (1st place) 

  • The NPC Circle City Championships (2nd place) 

  • The Ronnie Coleman Classic (4th place)

  • The Dre Dillard Classic (2nd place)

  • The Phil Heath Classic (Women's Physique Overall Winner)



"The sport of bodybuilding has provided an outlet for me to stay consistent with with my workouts and healthy eating habits.  It’s also provided a family full of other people with whom I can stay connected and even cheer on! 


It's important to remember: in bodybuilding one doesn’t necessarily have to compare him/herself to other people.  You can do as much or as little as you please.  It all depends on your reasons for participating.  Personally, my motivation lies in challenging me to be my best self while inspiring others."

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