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Fitness Coaching 

Join the growing group of individuals I am preparing for success in fitness!  You will develop focus as you practice getting enough cardio exercise, drinking adequate water, and other habits that serve as a foundation for healthy living.  Beginners will start with my Basic Program, whereas more experienced learners can be part of my Level Up Team.

To begin, click Get Started to set up your initial private consultation.


Aerobics Class

Tone-Up with Nikquisa

This 30 Day plan comes with reminders to stay on track and access to On-Demand videos!    Receive a more specialized experienced when you upgrade to one of the Level Up Programs below.  The fee is only $180/month!  

LEVEL UP PROGRAMS (select one)

Fit Girl

Transformation Challenge

This group program takes you through the process of building muscle, and growing to the next level of discipline in strength training.  With consistency, and dedication you should see results within 60 days! 

Lifting Weights

Toning Butt & Thighs

This is for those who only want to focus on toning the lower body!  Here I will show you and your team my personal workouts and tips on how to sculpt your butt and thighs.  If you work hard, you will see results in as little as 2 months!   

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