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You are about to start Week 1 of changing an Inspired Fitness



GET MOVING: Even if you’re new to exercise, forming the habit with a 30-minute walk three or four times a week is a great beginning. Over time, you can turn things up.


FORM NEW HABITS: trading old habits for new ones can make or break your weight loss results. Choose wisely, and be consistent with things like daily servings of vegetables, a regular exercise routine and consistent supplementation. Whatever product or products you’ve chosen make sure you build them into your daily routine. A great way to stay on track is by using a Tracker (I like MyFitness Pal).


PUT IT IN WRITING: The habit of journaling cannot be overemphasized. Those who journal and log food have been shown to effectively double their rate of weight loss. Make it a point to journal daily.


START A SCHEDULE: A key difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is simple planning. Taking the time to go over your daily and weekly schedule — including grocery shopping, exercise and preparing meals — enables you to stay ahead of roadblocks and detours on your weight loss journey.


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Week 1 and 2 Meal Samples
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This is a small sample of the AB work we will focus on



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