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Perform At A Higher Level.

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Nikquisa Nunn will teamed up with you on your personal journey through weight loss.  Together we wil explore weight gain as a physical and emotional force.  


Inspired Life Fitness offers personal training and consultations that will help you set your goals.  It is typically broken down into an 8-10 week training cycle that includes small manageable steps that move you toward your ultimate goal!  



  • Option To Train Long Distance: Not in the Dallas, Texas area?  No worries!  You will receive a weekly phone call, and ongoing web support for your personalized diet plan! We'll discuss your workout progress, food intake, and body measurements.  


  • Easy Affordable Payments: Payments for each week of consultation can be made on a weekly or monthly basis through PayPal.  After your Free Consultation, you will be sent a special sign up link.  When your payment plan is activated, you will receive your action plan and your personalized training will begin!!  If for some reason you need to stop consultation, you can easily cancel your payments.


Many people feel as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders.  The truth is, we all deal with stress,  and want to live healthier lives.  There are many people leading the charge in this area: Michelle Obama, Dr. Oz, and Jillian Michaels to name a few.  We're doing our part, and we invite you to get involved with the Inspired Life Fitness Workshop!  Our focus is empowering participants to lose weight, and helping them discover paths to emotional healing. I created this workshop with motivational speaker Stanley Porter.   We are passionate about connecting you to this movement that is changing many people's lives.


Click the Donate Button to discover how you can help us provide our initial workshops for FREE!  In exchange for your contribution, you will receive a very special gift from us!





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