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Personal Training

 Every session is a live one on one experience!  I will be watching your every move, making sure you are safe, and exercising with proper technique.  You will be able to track exercise history and metrics, so you can easily log results and make progress towards specific goals over time.  Individualized nutrition and exercise plans included for personal training clients.  

To begin you must schedule your initial private consultation!


1 on 1

"Nikquisa Nunn is a great health coach...I couldn’t have made a better choice!  She taught me about my body, nutrition, and how to cook my own meals.  After 15 years, I finally hit my personal goal weight of 135 pounds.  Having been 180 pounds, I never thought I would see this day!  Ms. Nunn, thank you from the bottom of my heart. No matter what fitness level you are: I recommend Nikquisa! 

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