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I absolutely love it when you guys send me your pictures or when you have those AHA MOMENTS of techniques that are working for you... Thanks for sharing them with us!!

Remember this week we are working on

💥Keeping our water at least 8 glasses A-day.

Hopefully you're up to about 10 glasses A-day

💥 We are also working on learning how to count our sugars and keeping them under 25grams

This is not something I expect you to have accomplished totally this week.

I know it is hard, but I know we can do it!

Here are a few pictures from one of our teammates.

I think her meals are amazing...

She's really on the ball and has been trying hard!

She's lost 4 pounds already this week 👏

Thank you LuRon!

Also... I am so thankful for Jennifer sharing some amazing wisdom with us, please watch this link!

She is a local Realtor so if you need her services ... Just Hi Five her in the Team Section


If you are willing to share some wisdom please send it to me!

Please remember... to schedule your consultation if you have not done so...

Please refer a friend to my site

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